When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us” 


Rich and poor children

“There is a general belief that children who come from rich families (referred to here as “rich children”) are always happier than those who come from poorer families. Rich children have luxury things and good living environments, which parents with lower income cannot afford. It makes people think that they must be happier than their friends. However, from my point of view, I disagree with this thought.

Children who come from a rich and well-educated family are usually expected and desired to excel in their school work. They are not allowed to get any mark but “A”s. Beside that, they also have to excel in their social activities. Their parents pin all their hopes on them. Being a “good” child, instead of balancing their time to play and study, these rich children must push themselves hard to be successful. If they are not successful or fail in any aspect, they could bring disgrace on their family and become an ignominy of these families. Otherwise, children from normal families can make their parents proud of them simply because they have passed their primary school leaving exam. For these children, happiness is much simple than their friends who come from rich families.

In a family with a high income, parents usually do not realise that their children not only need their money but their love. They are usually busy working and leave their responsibility of taking care of their children for nursemaids. As a result, children from rich families usually lack love and “family atmosphere”. They tend to not share their feeling with parents when they are in their teenage years, as they think their parents will not listen to them when they are busy working. It will be worse when they have nobody beside them when they need a piece of advice, so they do what they think, and go on the wrong way. Rich children usually land in impasses, feel unhappy, and disappointed because they do not know what to do. In spite of that, children from families with lower income more oftentimes can ask their parents for advice, and their parents always are there to share their feelings. They never have to solve their problems on their own. In addition, these children know how to share their feelings and it makes them happier than rich children, who cannot say that they are depressed and then keep this feeling inside them forever.

In conclusion, I hold firm to my belief that rich children are not happier than children from poorer families. Whether they are happy or not depends on the way they were brought up, no matter which families they come from.


2011, Year of Tablets

In 2010 Apple started era of tablet. By making their tablet also known as iPad. iPad dominates tablet market sharing. But now other brands like Samsung, LG, RIM (Research in Motion Limited) also known as BlackBerry wants to cut off the domination of iPad. Before October 2010, iPad dominates tablet market sharing over 90% but after October 2010 iPad market sharing begin to drop slowly to 70% because of the competitors like Samsung, Motorola, and other Chinese brand, like Huawei.

Now in 2011 Apple has released their new generation of iPad, known as iPad 2. However Samsung do not want to give up easily by making new lines of Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Tab 8,9 inch and 10,1 inch. In the other hand Motorola launched their new Tablet Motorola Xoom, but they remain unsuccessful because unstable Android OS (Operating System). In the other hand LG also wants to join the tablet market by making new LG Optimus Tab. LG Optimus Tab will be launched in April 2011. Other major brands like HP (Hewlett-Packard), Lenovo, Sony and other Chinese brands will released their tablet.

So this year will be full filled by the Tablets. Perhaps in the next year Laptop domination will be disappear replaced by Tablets. Because Tablet is more energy-efficient and multi functional when it comes to portability and it also the Tablet can be used as e-book reader so we can reduce the paper and more eco-friendly for a better future and our life in Earth.


Pray for Japan

As all of you know, there was an earthquake that leads to a tsunami on march 11th in japan. I was amazed on how the people there behave when the earthquake and tsunami happened and afterwards. Since earthquake happens frequently in Japan, they all know what to do when there’s an earthquake. They do not panic. But what amazed me even more is how they behave at that time.  On the video, I saw a few people still sitting on chairs and conversing with other people while covering their head with a folder or something. I didn’t realize that they got used to earthquake so much, that they can still converse with others when it happen. And even after that incident all of the people there help each other. The merchants reduce the price of their goods so that people can still afford it, and they all queue patiently for it. They did not steal any goods from store or house, no riots, it was calm and coordinated. It was really different from other places I know that got hit by disaster such as earthquake or tsunami. Often there is riot and chaos after a disaster. People would steal, merchants would raise their prices, and other selfish acts when disaster happened. All these selfish acts often make me sick and make me think that if you want us to help you why do you have to do that? Why do you still think of material things? It makes me not sincere to help them. So I think the behavior of the people in Japan was admirable and it sets a good example for us. And I pray that Japan would get over this tragedy, and still be the great country like they are before the tragedy, and I hope no mangaka get injured there so they can still continue their work, and bring us the joy in reading their comics. God blesses Japan.


Blackberry and The Drawbacks

 In the modern age, a lot of people use a gadget to do everything that they want. For example, if you want to keep communication with other people, you can use a hand phone. Although there are many gadgets in this world, but the very popular gadget in this recent year is blackberry. In Indonesia, there are a lot of people using blackberry smart phone. Several people only know about advantages of blackberry, but in reality blackberry has disadvantages too. The disadvantages of blackberry are several bad programs and it can damage our ears.
First of all, blackberry has several bad programs. Although blackberry can run multiple programs, running too many of them can make down the processing speed. If your processing speed already too slow, your blackberry can be error. And then you must re-boot the blackberry. In addition, most of the phones do not have a built in radio tuner. When you have a few programs running, the blackberry may not realize there is an incoming call.
Second of all, blackberry can damage our ears. Not only a blackberry, but also every cell phones can damage our ears. I had read in magazine, that blackberry has a high radiation instead other cell phones. A high radiation can damage our ears, especially if you talk for hours on the phone.
So, in my point of view, don’t use blackberry frequently. Because it can make down the processing speed. Then, use your headsets during long calls, and also keep your blackberry away from your ears.



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